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The Chu Shogi handicap system

Grade Handicap moves/fill in Notes
0alternatively black and white
1black  The weaker Player gets black. Perhaps the first move is worth two Grades! Then black-black-white would be the better solution!
2Step Mover C4b or C9b / (for BT G(5a/8a))Remove: Copper General - Silver General - Blind Tiger - Ferocious Leopard or Gold General. The Copper is the weakest, the Gold the strongest of these pieces.
3Side MoverC4b and C9b / FL(2a) or FL(11a)Side Mover and Vertical Mover handicap are close by. But it is easier to play against Vertical Mover handicap.
4Vertical MoverC4b and C9b / FL(2a) or FL(11a) 
5alternative Rook and Free KingC4b and C9b / -at FK: FL2b/VM(2c)The Rook handicap is stronger than the Vertical Mover handicap, but by less than one grade.
6two LionsC4b and C9b / -G. Hodges regards the difference between Rook and two Lions handicap as less than one grade.
7two Lions and a Step Mover FL2b, FL11b and C4b or C9b / -Remove: Copper, Silver, Ferocious Leopard or Gold.
8two Lions and a Side MoverC4b, C9b and FL2b or FL11b / FLLike three to four the handicaps for eight and nine grade difference are close by in strength
9two Lions and a Vertical MoverC4b, C9b and FL2b or FL11b / FL 
 Free King and Dragon King (5c)1) - / 2 VM and 2 FL to VM-fieldsIs this a 9 or a 10 Grade difference?But definitely a new challenge
10alt. two Lions & VM or three Lionssee 9 and 11It is a great difference between two Lions and Vertical Mover handicap and three Lions handicap.
 alt. two Ln & RookC4b, C9b and FL11b / - at FK: C4b, C9b and FL2b / VM(2c)One more possibility near a 10 grade handicap.
  or: two Ln & Free King  
11three LionsFL2b, FL11b, C4b and C9b / -see 10 and 13
12alt. three Lions and three Lions & Free Kingsee 11 and 13see 13
13three Lions and Free KingFL2b&11b, C4b&9b / C(10a) or 2)FL2b& 11b, C4b&9b/VM(2c)It is a great difference between three Lions handicap and three Lions & Free King handicap. Perhaps it is two grades.
14three Lions, Free King and Dragon KingFL2b&11b,S4b&9b/2C or FL2b&11b,C4b&9b/2VM 
15three Lions, FK, DK and Rookfree arrangementNot to be displaced: Lion, Bishop, DH, SM, RC, Lance, Pawns and Go Betweens.
16three Lions, FK, DK, R and VMfree arrangement 
17three Lions, FK, DK, R, VM and SMfree arrangement 


  1. Both Vertical Movers take the places of FK and DK, the Lions that of the VMs.
  2. Both white Ferocious Leopards move one step forward, both Copper Generals move one step diagonal towards the center and the Vertical Mover at 2c takes the place of the Free King.

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