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Exchange Values of Chu Shogi Pieces

Piece value promoted Piece value 0% 25% 50% 75% 100%
Lion10  1010101010
Free King 6  66666
Dragon King4Soaring Eagle5,5444,54,54,5
Dragon Horse3,5Horned Falcon53,54444,5
Rook3Dragon King433,53,53,53,5
Bishop2,5Dragon Horse3,52,52,5333
Vertical Mover2Flying Ox422,52,533
Side Mover2Free Boar4222,52,53
Phoenix 1,5Free King61,522,533,5
Reverse Chariot1,5Whale2,51,52222
Lance1,5White Horse3,51,5222,52,5
Drunk Elephant*1,5Crown Prince*21,51,51,51,51,5
Ferocious Leo.1,5Bishop2,51,51,51,522
Blind Tiger 1,5 Flying Stag3 1,5 1,51,522
Silver1Vertical Mover211,51,51,51,5
Copper1Side Mover21111,51,5
Go Between Drunk Elephant1,5     
Pawn Tokin (Gold)1,5     

  • * = This table does not take into account the special Crown Prince function, only its movement powers

  • the % - value means: A piece is more valuable for you the higher you
    assess the probability - in % - that you can promote it.

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