Chu Shogi Rated Games 2005

The goal of this Grand Prix Tournament was to promote Chu Shogi and to collect games. All games played in 2005 which have been sent to us were have been taken into account. Not only Chu Shogi, but also other Large Shogi Variants. All has been organized and evaluated by Günther Mensching (middle), and at last he was the clear winner too.
Peter Hingley (at right) made 2nd, a little something behind was Michael Hofmann (at left).
Peter and Michael have been awarded a brand new Tori Shogi set.
Thanks to all participants for their great games!

final standings
dec 31st 2005
Chu other total rank
Günther Mensching45152622591
Peter Hingley3773391492
Michael Hofmann5074231473
Georg Snatzke4500454
Karl Wartlick4100415
Marc Marian14270415
Jochen Drechsler3400347
Roman Grabowski3000308
Alex Engelhardt2500259
Sven Korsner01601610
Thomas Majewski090911
Tobias Marczewski090911

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